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Call us: +31 (0) 10 486 5066 Mail us

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Frequency converter

You can set the power of a hybrid or electric system very accurately, from high to low. That is thanks to the inverter. This reduces the speed (rpm) with heavy loads and increases at light load. You do not need to install extra capacity to avoid overload. The frequency inverters are installed in switch cabinets that are fully aligned with the hybrid propulsion.

Throttle and controls

You will soon be familiar with the new controls. The system is converted from analog to digital, but this has no effect on the layout of the control panel. The buttons and panels stay where they are. You will only see a few extra functions for the diesel-electric propulsion.


The analog instruments are replaced by a digital system. This system shows the data conveniently arranged on a monitor; in a single glance you will find what you are looking for. The systems are exclusively built from reliable and certified parts.